Sunday, June 30, 2013

Red Hydrant and Yellow House

For Tyler


  1. I bet it was much easier to paint the hydrant than the house. :)

  2. I wonder why she is painting the hydrant and whether she got permission from the local canine community! The yellow house looks so clean and neat...but I'd hate to have to lug groceries up those steps!

    1. She was swing that paint brush for the city. Since dogs don't vote the city doesn't care how they feel.

      This is the only house I've seen with a front door on the second floor. Bet they don't get many salespersons, trick-or-treaters, or Jehovah Witnesses. Groceries and furniture would be a problem.

  3. After my senior year in high school, I worked for the municipal water department, painting water hydrants. It was great being outside all summer long, but painting hydrant after hydrant is not -- how do I put this? -- full of high intellectual content.

  4. Love the red hydrant and the yellow house: they would go together well...