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Falls in Sioux Falls

The Big Sioux River flows over these Sioux quartzite stone beds creating a rapids and falls. In the 19th Century a group of farmers wanted to build a flour mill at this site, but couldn't get financing for the mill unless a bank made them a substantial loan. A Minneapolis bank would only loan them money if they felt there was enough water year around to run the mill, so they sent a representative out to investigate. Local farmers realized that the flow in the river was minimal during the summer, so they build a dam up stream to contain a large amount of water. As the banker was on his way to examine the river and proposed mill site, the farmers opened the dam to insure an impressive flow in the river. The loan was granted and established the Queen Bee Mill. The town of Sioux Falls followed as a result. The city is all based on a bit of legerdemain and slight of hand.

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