Sunday, July 31, 2016

Half Mast

Our community is in mourning, but I am not sure of the specific reason. We have too many choices. Perhaps this flag is at half mast for the killings in Nice, France where 85 people died, or the Priest and others stabbed to death in Normandy, France, or the killings at two Florida nightclubs, or the killings in the Philippines, or the bombing at Istanbul Ataturk airport where 41 people died, or Brussels airport and metro, or Syrian bombings, or the 140 killed recently in Baghdad, or the attack against U.N. Peacekeepers in Mogadishu, or the 9 who died in shootings in Munich, Germany, or the 19 who died in a mass stabbing in Sagamihara, Japan, or the 5 policeman killed in Dallas, Texas, and the list of possible reasons to morn goes on way too long. 

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No, really I'm feeling much better. 

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Corn Palace

This is the "world's only" Corn Palace. The murals are all made of corn. 

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