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Hillcreat Elementary

This is the last school year for this school building. It is being replaced by a new building for a number of reasons. High on the list is the fact it is not secure from school shooters with long, straight hallways. I live a block from this school, and my son when to school here. 


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Community Mural

 Mural Name: Abuelos RaĆ­ces
These are all community leaders who have died, many of them of Covid-19 in the last few years. The Monarch butterflies are seen as messengers from the souls of the people who have passed on, a belief from Mexico. The artist is David Manzares with assistance of Kendra Limon. The mural is a community altar.

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Dead Fish

This skeleton was found up a hill and a long way from the water. My guess is an Eagle carried it here and ate the fish leaving the skeleton. 


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