Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hydrant and Ethanal Plant


  1. The chemist in me wants to know if this is an ethanal plant or an ethanol plant. Ethanol is commonly referred to as grain alcohol, and it's the alcohol present in beers, wines and distilled spirits. Ethanal, on the other hand is more commonly known as acetaldehyde. Having seen your recent posts of grain silos I would think this is an ethanol plant, but the plant could easily produce either or both.

  2. Ed, I don't have the technical expertise to answer your question. These plants are always referred to as ethanol plants. The alcohols produced are used to mix with gasoline for fuels. Heard a story about a trucker who was finding five or six gallons of ethanol in his "empty" truck tanks every day, and was arrested for selling white lighting. These plants use corn grown locally in huge quantities.

  3. That makes sense to me. In industrial labs, and research labs, ethanol is a common solvent, but it's made unfit to drink, by adding a substance that will make you sick. However we can get our hands on pure, 200 proof ethanol if needed, but it's tightly controlled.