Monday, June 3, 2013

Grass Fire Pictures

This fire was a controlled burn to remove last years dry grass in a wetland. It burned hot and fast, and was out within a few minutes. As wet as this year has been, there was little chance this fire was going to get out of control. 


  1. I like that second shot with the silos in the background.

  2. I hate fire with a passion and when I saw these photos my heart did a little jump! But I was glad to know it's a controlled burn.

    We get a lot of fires in the central Florida fires during the summer - terrifying!

  3. A lot has been learned about grass fires and what benefits they bring to the landscape.

  4. I don't think fires are permitted for any reason in Connecticut, but we get so much rain that wildfires are rarely a real concern.

    1. That is too bad as fire is an important part of grass land prairie health. Fire generally moves so fast it doesn't hurt new growth and it provides nutrition to the soil.

  5. glad it was a controlled burn - I couldn't figure out either why there was a dead rabbit on the Jersey path - it must have got in the way of a horse I think. The racecourse is not far away so they could have been galloping.

  6. I believe we are not allowed to practice controlled fire here anymore