Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Grace by Jeannine Young


  1. There seems to be an endless supply of sculptures as part of the Sculpture Walk. Are they permanent displays, or do they rotate sculptures? In any event, I've enjoyed each one you've featured here.

    1. The Sculpture Walk has about 75 pieces covering the entire downtown area of Sioux Falls. These sculptures rotate every year. Most are for sale by the artists. The city buys a few of them for permanent display throughout the city. It is a great art project giving the city a sense of refinement and elegance, and a great way for artists to display and sell their work.

  2. A intriguing piece of art for a worthy cause.

  3. I like the simplicity of this sculpture. It says a lot with just a few lines.

  4. I love the artists words TFG.. a lovely sculpture.. this Grace wishes she was as tall and slim :)

  5. What a great project and what a good person Ms Young is!

  6. This sculpture is one of my favorites among the sculptures you have shown in this series. It has a quiet grace.

    Thanks for your response to Ed. The leaders of Sioux Falls are progressive in sponsoring this series.