Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cool Pools For Kids


  1. Another memory of childhood. The best! Thanks.

  2. Our kids used to love those things. I think. That was sooo long ago! Now our great-grandkids love these things. :-)

  3. These are great fun for kids. In fact I have one I use to water my hanging baskets and small flower pots when I travel. Just fill with plants and add water and they will last several days as long as the posts have holes in the bottom to suck up the water.

    I do hope that the owners of these remember to empty them when not in use. We had a two year old girl drown in one here last week. A neighbor left it in their unfenced yard full of water, The child snuck out of her house when no one was looking and made a beeline for the pool. She fell in and drown.