Monday, April 26, 2010

Battleship South Dakota

Came across this very large model of the Battleship South Dakota. The South Dakota became a class of four fast battleships replacing the South Carolina class. World War II in the Pacific was the end of the era for battleships with huge guns. They were replaced by aircraft carriers as the major Naval ships. The State of South Dakota was proud to have a major capital ship named for it, and there is an outline of it in a park in Sioux Falls along with a gun barrel and a propeller from the ship. For a brief history of the South Dakota see:

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  1. Not a very accurate model of the USS South Dakota, BB57, or even any of her sisters in the SoDak class. None of the class had two anchors on the starboard bow, nor did any have a transom stern. They all had a cruiser stern. South Dakota differed from her sisters by having just 16 5"/38 guns mounted in 8 twin turrets, 4 per side. All her sisters had 20 5"/38 guns in 10 turrets, 5 per side. Also the bow configuration is all wrong.