Saturday, April 28, 2018

Lake Tracks

This photo was shot two weeks ago on a day with above freezing temperatures. The lakes are now still covered with ice, but the ice is no longer safe for vehicles. It might not have been safe when the picture was taken. I know I was not about to drive out there. 


  1. Are you saying this car was just coming in off the ice? People are sooo stupid! And in spite of the fact that cars go through the ice every year they still keep driving out there when it's no longer safe!

  2. You always hear about someone going through the ice here in the spring!

  3. I remember attending motorcycle races on the ice in Duluth once--- everyone, including school buses were parked on the ice. It took a little courage to get around the parking area.

  4. Looks so nice TFG but drive over the ice! No way !!

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