Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dad's Money and Five & Dime


  1. I remember Five and Dime stores from when I was very young. I think Woolworths actually started out as a Five and Dime. I'm sure here on the East Coast there was a store by the name of JJ Newbury, which I'm sure was a Five and Dime. You don't see either anymore. This one looks like it still does a good business.

  2. I get a chuckle out of this pair. I have never heard of Dad's money what ever they are. We never had the five and dime although therewas a store we called the five and dime.

  3. Dad's money?

    Haven't seen a five and dime for many years although they were popular hangouts when I was a kid. Especially the ones that included a fountain.

    1. Lowell, we must be about the same age. Our Woolworth's Store was a Fine and Dime, and yes, they had lots of stuff for sale for 5 and 10 cents. I think the sign in this picture is an antique as the store sells mostly tourist stuff where one needs at least $20 to buy something.

  4. Long time since I've seen a five and dime store.

  5. I like Dad's Money, I didn't know of it...