Saturday, April 28, 2012

Steer Wrestling

This event used to be called bulldogging, but it's now called steer wrestling. It was invented by a black cowboy, Bill Pickett, in the 1890s when he was chasing a steer to brand, but had no rope. Later Bill Pickett was a star with the Miller's Wild West Show and worked breaking horses on Millers' 101 Ranch in Oklahoma. The U.S. Post Office issued a stamp in 1994 to honor Bill Pickett, but mistakenly showed one of his brothers. There still is a Miller Circus. This is an event for the large, strong cowboys.


  1. Very interesting. I knew not of Bill Pickett. Funny story about the stamp! I would not like to try bulldogging/steer wrestling. Heck, I don't even eat beef! :-)

    1. Interesting that today your blog has pictures of two breads of cattle , Longhorns and Brahma. Both are suited to Florida heat and insects. Avoiding beef is one choice, but they sure are tasty cooked to perfection. We mostly eat only locally grown organic beef, and it's easy to get here in the "Beef State."

    2. Great rodeo pictures. It's hard to capture all the motion, but you did a nice job of conveying how fast the action here is. I also enjoy a good steak grilled to perfection.