Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rodeo Contestants Mount Up


  1. Rodeos are so much fun to watch. The cowboys and cowgirls train hard for these events as I am sure you know.

  2. Do you attend rodeos often? We don't get a chance to see too many rodeos out here in the east. I think the Professional Bull Riders circuit does make a stop at Madison Square Garden in NYC, but I've never attended. There's something about a rodeo in NYC that just doesn't seem right.

  3. Ed, for years a good friend of ours was the advisor to the Rodeo Club, and we attended the Jack Rabbit Stampede every year. Our friend is now retired, but he was honored this year as they celebrate the 68th year of the club's existence. The bull riders take their lives in their hands every time they enter the ring. Bulls are unpredictable.

    Regina, all the Rodeo Club members are trained athletes as are their horses. This is especially true of the rough stock riders who must have super strength, stamina, and balance. Also help to heal quickly from injuries.