Monday, October 10, 2016

Vista Car


  1. One of these days I'm going to have to go on a train ride. I can't remember if I ever had the chance when a child, but my father traveled the country by train for his job.

    1. Amazing... for me - and that is not uncommon in Germany - train rides are the major, regular part of commuting. And even my kids do use trains on an almost regular basis. But the numbers of train-abstinent people are growing over here, too.

  2. The joy of rail travel! We took one long cross country Amtrak trip right after we retired and loved it. Had a tiny room, but spent most travel time like in this pic. Wish we had a better, cheaper rail system .....

  3. Well that's an very interesting shot--- Very good. Oh... My shot was Mt. Adams. Mt. St. Helens has no pointy top. :)

  4. Looks nice. Made me think of Michael Palin who did travel programs for BBC.
    I have only been to New York city...... the rest I have only seen through other people´s photos and films. But there are many places I would love to explore.