Thursday, January 14, 2016

Rude's Reflection


  1. great.the perfect Reflection
    Greetingss Sadie

  2. Excellent shot... the reeflection is amazing...

  3. I don’t think that snow is ever going to melt. The light was perfect for so many reflections in the windows. Great capture.

  4. I was wondering where the name "Rude" came from and after researching the archives at FAUX News I found this:

    Years ago, two brothers decided to go into business together. But they didn't always agree and one thing they didn't see eye to eye on was what to name their store. Rudy suggested to his brother Rufus, that they name their store "Rudolphs." Rufus turned red, sputtered, and as he slammed the door on his way out, cried, "Now that's just plain rude!" Immediately the brothers stopped their arguing realizing at the same moment they had found the perfect name.

    You can check this out in the FAUX News archives located in Wheaton College's section dealing with the heroic Rush Limbaugh. Just search for Rude.