Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Ol' Spot Mortimer's Cabin

This cabin was originally constructed in 1869 when Ol' Spot and his wife moved here, built the cabin and lived by trapping otter, mink, fox, beaver, and other fur bearing animals. The area became trapped out by 1874, so he built a saw mill and harvested trees to construct local houses and businesses. He sold the cabin and 1,200 acres that is now Oakwood State Park for $1,800 in 1886. The cabin has recently been maintained by Oakwood State Park accounting for its good condition.


  1. That look not bad at all. Nice little cabin.

  2. Someone has been giving Mortimore's cabin some TLC.

  3. Looks like Mortimore's Cabin will be around for a while TFG, sturdy construction ✨

  4. It is in wonderful condition!

  5. I love seeing old places like this that remind me of the 'olden days'.

    I am so glad you chose to join My Corner of the World this week!

    My Corner of the World