Tuesday, October 30, 2012

White and Blue Parrots


  1. Got to be from your local zoo, right? We don't even have these in the wild (unless they escape - in south Florida there are thousands of little green parrots flying all over the place; someone let a few loose and that's all it took!)

    Re your comment: Acura builds a nice car. We bought a 2003 TL new and traded it a couple of years ago for a 2008 RL (what a luxurious thing that was)...but that took high-test gas and every repair cost a bundle so we traded it for a new Hyundai Santa Fe. We like that, too, and they service it at the Acura shop.

  2. Such pretty birds. Did they tell you any secrets?

  3. I'm always fascinated from these birds, so colorful...