Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Widget and Old Iron


  1. Nice contrast between a soft, furry cat and all that hard, angled iron!

  2. A cat is so perfect in that picture.

    in response to your comment, we have First Friday at the CrossRoads Art District. This particular shop isn't on the usual beaten path. I was taking a photo of the sculpture outside the door that I displayed last Wed and Tim from the gallery invited me in and talked about what the group of men are doing in the shop, took me out back and showed me the Alley Community Garden and talked to me about the Longfellow Farmers Market that is it's startup. I felt so compelled to promote the works in the shop with most the photos of the last week. He took quite a bit of time with me and his enthusiasm was overwhelming.

  3. Cats and old farm equipment in B & W. Fantastic. I like the rusty iron next to the shiny propane tank.