Saturday, March 24, 2012

Harvey Dunn, The Prairie Is My Garden

The Prairie Is My Garden, Detail

The Prairie Is My Garden

Harvey Dunn, 1884-1952, was educated and taught at South Dakota State, and attended the Chicago Art Institute. A student of Howard Pyle, he worked as an illustrator for nationally distributed magazines such as Saturday Evening Post, Colliers, Harpers and others while living in New York and New Jersey. The War Department hired him during World War I along with seven other noted illustrators to paint and sketch what they saw of the war across Europe. Following the war he continued to do illustration and to teach at art schools. He is perhaps the most famous artist from South Dakota, but few people outside SD have heard of him. The painting above is his best known work. To learn more just Google his name.

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  1. I've been enjoying all your posts this week. You've captured some very fine art work with good images. Not only that, I've learned something about South Dakota artists. I was unfamiliar with all the artists. Thanks for posting.