Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Around the Railroad Yard


  1. Did you have any problems getting access to the railroad yard? I'd like to try and photograph in and around one some day, but in today's world, I'm worried about what others might think of some guy with a camera taking pictures at such a place. I like the colorful graffiti. I've always wondered when the artists have the time to put into their art, without being caught. Nice photos!

    1. Hi Ed. Access to rail photos here is no problem as I never trespassed on rail land. The main line of the old DM&E, now CP, goes through the heart of Brookings. The grain elevators, located near downtown, have sidings but it isn't really a railroad yard. "Blink!" above was taken from the station platform, and the RR Truck a few steps off Main Avenue.

  2. Railroads and railroad cars seem to be hugely attractive to graffiti people. That RR truck looks just plain scary!

    Thanks for coming by the new site. Much appreciated!

  3. It is the same here, but our graffiti are worse...

  4. that graffiti is nicely done.