Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The old Pearl Brewery has become a center of commerce, art, non-profit organizations like Nature Conservancy, and restaurants. So far we have only eaten at a sandwich and soup place called "Texas Farm to Market" which had exceptionally good food. There is an oyster bar there which was surrounded by Mercedes and Porsches, so I assume the food must be good. Also the Liberty Bar is there, and we were taken there last year. Their menu is interesting, and the food well above average.

When I saw the back of the Holiday Inn, it screamed, "Hello, 1950s Modern." While I was never taken much with that style, it was like meeting an old friend.


  1. "Light Beer"

    I remember a brewer being interviewed on the radio long ago, who said there was nothing to making 'light' beer—you just add water!

  2. Apparently, I need to get out more...where is this place?!?

  3. This is the Pearl Brewery along the new part of the River Walk. While they no longer brew beer here, it has become a center for offices, shops, and restaurants. "Light Beer," better known as "lawn mower" beer, is hardly worth drinking unless you don't trust the water.