Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Gurney Eagle F1

The Gurney Eagle is the most successful American built F1 car ever. Dan Gurney, with help from Carroll Shelby, designed and raced his own car. It has a Westlake V12 engine producing over 400 hp. But the motor had a problem with oil pooling in the sump, reducing its power output and reliability. The chassis was made of exotic metals, and the body was made of magnesium. Dan Gurney said it was like racing a Ronson cigarette lighter. He was aware of the 84 people killed by a magnesium body car that crashed and burned at Le Mans in 1955.


  1. Saw the movie Le Mans 1966 a few days ago and then got a good picture of Carroll Shelby and the american racing top in general. That film really gives the feeling you get when racing at such high speeds. Recommended.

  2. Racing a Ronson cigarette lighter doesn't sound too good TFG 😉😊

  3. I've heard of Dan Gurney but didn't know about the car.

  4. Excellent series you have going here. I like the race cars-----they look like race cars--LOL