Saturday, June 2, 2018

Brookings Memorial Day


  1. Looks like it's ready for a remembrance of sorts. I know I should know all about Brookings, South Dakota, but is's slipped my mind. Well, the truth is a lot of things have slipped my mind!

  2. Aha! There's a university in Brookings. Is this where you taught?

  3. Nice memorial---green grass--blue sky and our great flag

  4. I like the memorial. Simple but it captures attention.

    So, 30 years at SDSU? Must have been some aspect of engineering. Is there a discipline called farm machinery engineering?

    BTW, there are four of the lower states I have never been in. Mississippi in the south and Wisconsin and the two Dakotas. I can knock off Mississippi this winter with a quick weekend visit. I am thinking that next summer I should head to the Midwest for the other three. I have a friend in Florence.