Monday, November 18, 2013

Farm Horse Tractor

I was lucky for the opportunity to drive this tractor as part of its restoration process. Moving parts, including wheels, should be run to show wear for the restoration to be complete. Found this tractor more maneuverable and easy to run than I would have thought. Could see it being useful on a farm. The company was only moderately successful as less expensive tractors out sold them, and they had to go out of business after only a few years of production. Only three Farm Horse tractors are known to still exist. Two of them are at the Agriculture Heritage Museum, Brookings, SD. 


  1. Beautiful old machines..I went to a 'restored' tractor show last year, was fabulous.

    1. Many "restored" tractors still earn their keep working on farms as utility tractors. The shows are great.

  2. There are sooo many beautiful old machines in your area...

  3. What a great old tractor - you'd have to be very skilled to restore it like that.