Monday, September 19, 2011

Bear Hunting Dog--Watts


  1. These hunting dogs seem fierce and frightening, but each one has its own personality and when they are working they are a real delight to watch. If there were work for these dogs in South Dakota, I'd take have brought one home. Luckily we don't bear hunt here and besides, there was no room in the car.

  2. These are working dogs, not house pets. Each dog has it's own coop, and is on a 15 foot long chain. That gives them a 30 foot circle to run around. Also each of these dogs spends part of a week in the "pen," a five acre fenced section of woods where they can run and chase what ever they want. Also they are fed and cared for a minimum of twice daily. I suspect that they live better lives than millions of Americans. They love to hunt bears. It is their greatest pleasure.