Thursday, February 25, 2010

Initial Muttering

Sue and I are spending the winter in San Antonio, where Jeremy and family live. Today we get to pick up grandsons Justin and Dylan for their biweekly adventure with their grandparents. Last Tuesday they made chocolate chip cookies from scratch with measurement and baking help from me. Today they may get to eat some of those cookies and go to the park, as it is a bright sunny day.

This is a picture taken a few days ago at Mission San Jose, one of the early 18th Century Spanish missions here in town.


  1. I like this picture of Sue, but does she like this picture of Sue?

  2. Sure, it means she is feeling much better, and was able to enjoy a beer at the Blue Star Brewery. This stop was after spending the afternoon touring Mission San Jose, a Spanish mission established in 1716.

    She says she doesn't like it because she is limited to only one beer.