Monday, January 27, 2014

More Street Sculpture


  1. Interesting but strange. I can see why that top sculpture got all tied in knots, giving people the finger. Sheesh! And furniture out in the snow and cold. Yikes.

    I hear you're getting blasted again. Stay in, blog by the fire!

  2. I just viewed your photos for the month of January. Your photography just gets better and better. From street sculptures, to reflections, to really big tractors, all are fantastic.

    I think I will stay inside and keep warm and not use the outdoor furniture.

    Thanks for brightening my day with your artistry!

  3. Lots of neat sculptures in your area.
    The furniture sculpture is kind of cool because it's so unusual. I bet the cold would go right trough your pants if you tried to sit on that couch or chair.

  4. The furniture is the type of art that everyone relates to in their own way. Super!

  5. How funny the sculpture of the sofa is out there in the snow...I expect it would look more inviting in the summer!