Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bucyrus Erie Crane and Case Skid Steer

This classic crane could be from pre-WW II to 1950. It can be used as a drag line, with a clam shell bucket, or as a lifting crane with a hook. The reason for the picture is that I like the shapes, colors and light.

The skid steer loader is the last major invention to revolutionize construction and agricultural. It is a quick and easy way to move materials, lift heavy loads, smooth the ground, and with attachments, will do a great variety of tasks.


  1. In college I dug graves with this last machine, a back hoe, we called it.

    1. Hi Birdman. You must have had a back hoe attachment on your skid steer. Digging graves must have been interesting work for a college student. Operate any other types of machinery?

  2. The light is indeed lovely in the first photo and the shadow very nice too. :)

  3. I think that you need such machines in the northland to get done all the work that needs to get done. Wait, I think we need 'em too!

    Cranes I find difficult. I usually crane my neck to look at them and end up with a neck sprained by a crane.

    We do have Whooping Cranes that winter here. They're gone now. :-)

  4. These cranes have an elaborate mating dances which is something to see. You could crane your neck to see such a dance. An author, Stephen Crane, wrote about this problem in The Red Badge of Courage. That craned neck could take the windless out of your sails.